Goodbye AdBlock; Google to Deprecate Chrome Apps June 2020

Global chaos; Pandemic, market crashes, and now… this? According to several pages and indications from Google, as of June 2020 Chrome will “End support for Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux.” What does that mean for you and me? No more ad blockers (uBlock matrix, AdBlock Plus), no more dark extensions, and much, much more!

Somehow this wide-impacting decision has not yet made it to the masses. It looks like in all the buzz, this little indicator went mostly unnoticed…

A warning found by logging into (must have an account! costs $5! not worth!)

This is the post that says it all.

A screenshot of the post — just incase 😉

While the post appears benign (it’s only on the chromium blog after all) the change is not exclusive to the purported “Google-free” version of chrome. All versions of Chrome will be impacted, including those on ChromeOS (though at a later date).

What’s next for the advertising giant’s browser? How will we keep doing the things we’ve come to know and love on the web?

Not so subtle suggestion. Yes it’s slower, but you can make a difference! And hey, free speech.

Guess we’ll have to find out 😉

Thanks for reading!