Open Source Software Catalogue

We ❤️ Open Source. Here's a few important open source projects (by type) that we think you should check out - they could change the way you work.

Audio Editing


Noise reduction and all that jazz. Easy!

Website Hosting


If you don't know about this one, you might be under a rock. That's OK.


Super spooky ghost! Just kidding. It's blogging software, the one we're using here actually.

Operating Systems


A classic. Rock-hard stable (reliable), well documented, and at this point a pretty advanced way to leave Windows, Windows Server behind. It's Debian based. Not sure what that means? Well...


The true king of the internet.


ProxMox VE

Watch out VMWare, your days are numbered. Seriously though, if you wanted to run a 'cloud service' at home, I'd tell you to start here.

Revision Control


Ever heard the terms "continuous integration" or "cntinuous delivery"? This may have something to do with that. Git push your code to a safe place that keeps track of changes so you don't have to_v_0001. Also GitHub (the one most currently use instead) is owned by Microsoft, who has removed repositories (user's code) at will.